WingSpan Poetry Project


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She used to cry night in and night out
Wondering why in her relationship
She had so much doubt.

She learned how to live half alive
Wondering why she wouldn’t take the dive

Looking at a man who couldn’t even love
She wondered how life would be
if she was with God up above.

No more she thought, I want more
Something perfect, I know
I have in store

So she packed her bags and
buried her sorrow,

I’ll start all over, there’s always tomorrow.


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Any man, woman or child is a
survivor of a cruel, mean world.

Cruelty doesn’t care what
race you are.

Cruelty doesn’t care how 
young or old you are.

Cruelty doesn’t care if you
are male or female.

We are not victims.

We are all survivors of a
cruel world.

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I like to be liked
even in myself

I like to do runs
even when I feel lazy

I like to cry to myself
even if no one knows

I like to see other joys
even if it;s not my own

I like to play with babies
even if they are not mine

I like cold, blistery, windy days
even if I am working out doors

I like to smile
even when angry people shout

I like to give gifts
even when there is no return

I like to help
even if it’s only myself

I like to hear music
even if it’s not my favorite

I like to be near animals
even if they smell yucky

I like chocolate
even if it makes me constipated

I like all kinds of breathing
even if it’s not easy

I like quietness
even if it’s strange

I like unusual
even in fast times

I like to like
even to pray


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See a sizzling hot man over
there in the street.

want to feel his rock hard body
under your hands.

you can imagine his sizzling hot
rock hard body on top of your body.

you can feel him deep inside you
as he goes in and out of your body

you can taste the sweat from him
and feel the heat of his body as
you scream for more.

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Could it Be?
You Are completely Different from Me.
He, She, We?
Ride to Fly
Wow. What a Beautiful Tree
Stop to climb
Out on the limb of the Sea.
I make you Nervous,
And that’s totally fine by me.
This pain is slowly Fading
I can be comfortably Free
Like the Moisture in a Freshly
Fed Mountain stream
The water filters through me
As I stir from what I thought
was a dream
I open my eyes and I realize
It’s your Kiss flowing all over me.

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White picket fence,
Pink plastic Barbie Doll Cadillac,
Birthday parties,
Everyone leaves with a gift.
Every Friday night pepperoni
pizza followed by chocolate
chip ice cream,
Butterflies, the smell of Fresh Flowers,
Beautiful colors,
Trustworthy Hugs, and Flying red
Lady Bugs, Lots of Laughter
Happy Thoughts, Everything as
a child I have sought.