WingSpan Poetry Project



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I like to be liked
even in myself

I like to do runs
even when I feel lazy

I like to cry to myself
even if no one knows

I like to see other joys
even if it;s not my own

I like to play with babies
even if they are not mine

I like cold, blistery, windy days
even if I am working out doors

I like to smile
even when angry people shout

I like to give gifts
even when there is no return

I like to help
even if it’s only myself

I like to hear music
even if it’s not my favorite

I like to be near animals
even if they smell yucky

I like chocolate
even if it makes me constipated

I like all kinds of breathing
even if it’s not easy

I like quietness
even if it’s strange

I like unusual
even in fast times

I like to like
even to pray



One thought on “Untitled

  1. I love this format, especially the last phrase. Thank you.

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