WingSpan Poetry Project


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In light of all you do

I stepped away.

Alice’s world like genesis at the very

depths of the abyss.

A vacuum that drew me in

and, then, Reality.

I stepped away in need.

I stepped away to

let closure exist.


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Beginning A New Way Of Life

Beginning a new way of  life,

but still dragging along

rocks and luggage,

wanting not to get

trapped in the negative river,

swimming steadily across



Dark thoughts come and go

while light guides my

mind’s eye.


Meetings of my family

keep me bright

while conversations with

my blood present frustration.


Oh, the not knowing…

just not knowing…

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Never Left Home

I’ve been away from

home so long that I’ve

forgotten my reason

for leaving.

I know that wherever

I am is home now —

and that comforts me.

I find family in friends–

the true hearts that

gather round–the

joyful moment of learning

something new -smiles

of understanding–

gracefully, gracefully

we dance together.

It seems as if we’ve all

done this before — but

it will be better–

this time — better

because we know we

want t to be — better

because we’re ready,

ready, ready, now.

Oh I love the rain

drops tapping at

the window pane —

bringing the coolness

to the early summer–

and asking us to listen

to its peaceful dream.