WingSpan Poetry Project


I Have a Dream

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to live as an artist –
painting every day –
exploring the unknown
and letting it speak
to me.

I have a dream
of spreading my huge
Eagle-like wings to
catch the wind – to
feel it Lift me off
the ground – to Rise
higher into the sky
so that I can touch
the clouds – and feel
the freedom of the wind.

I have a dream
about picking up
a guitar – and knowing
how to play it –
and singing with
my heart such a song
that would share
a story that
has never been told.

I’m ready to live
the dreams that have
been waiting for me –
on hold for many
years – I’m ready
to start these journeys
and more –

Because my dreams
gave me the courage
to face what was
keeping me from
them – the inspiration
to never let them
go – and the passion
for my future in the
face of adversity.


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