WingSpan Poetry Project


My Home the Land of Contentment


Sunset with its blazing colors of Pink, Gold & Purple
– my favorite time of the day.

Birds laughing in the garden – chirping-
singing – as they hunt for
their food and water.

Wind whistling – gusting –
Blowing – howling –
appearing as a dust
storm – pushing us
onward – testing our
patience – making us
feel the urgency of
its strength.

New Mexico – the land
of enchantment – in
so many ways is magical
to me – the sky –
the sun – the wildlife –
the plant life – it all
speaks to me of Majestic
Beauty Beyond compare.

My greatest joy each
day is just to Behold
the Beauty of it all –
my friends the Bird and
the jackrabbit – the
Bumble Bee – the Butterfly
– each powerful sympols
of hope – of truth –
of Life and Living.

The Bird is me – my joy
and sweetness.
The Sun is me – Brilliant
strong and steady.
The Wind is me – free
and wild.

I found myself here
in New Mexico – more
than any other place
I’ve been – I would
call it the land of contentment
Because its loving
presence is healing
my heart & my soul
inspiring me onward
to artistic expression
and exploration
quickening my steps
in an anxiously loving
way – to return home
to myself and all that
I know I am.


2 thoughts on “My Home the Land of Contentment

  1. I am the author of this poem – Wingspan helped me to start writing poetry and this was one of my first. Thank you Wingspan Poetry Project of Santa Fe.

  2. Hi Lori! Thanks for writing. We really appreciate it. I hope you are great! All Best, Elizabeth

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