WingSpan Poetry Project


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A Temporary Castle

A barbed wire fence surrounds
the castle to keep
those inside safe

an updated version
of crocodiles perhaps

After pressing a buzzer the gate
slowly opens like a draw-
bridge being lowered.

The castle is a sprawling
casita with charming arches
and awesome log ceilings

Grateful for the warmth,
the soft bed, the abundance
of food, the amazing grace
of the surrounding mountains
that in the evening hour
light up with amazing hues
of purples and pinks.

by Indigo Phoenix Rising


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Grilled Cheese Comfort

Coconut oil spread

on the outer sides of the bread

sprinkled with garlic powder

Cheddar slices melting

with fresh basil growing

on the bay window

above the kitchen sink.

Patience whilst the sourdough

bread toasts to a golden brown

The cheese is melted

the first bite of yumminess

with a gentle scratch sliding

down my throat

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Snow and Family

When I see snow falling
down from the sky
I get happy
and when the snow is white
I like to play in the snow
and do snow angels
and make snow men.
It is the best day of my life.

When I stay with my family
I get happy when everyone
is happy too
but when my family
get spread apart
I get sad
and when we play
and have fun
and I love my family.

age 11