WingSpan Poetry Project


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What is Unsaid:

I always wanted to find the doors to H-E-L-L

because there are five doors


A door to Hell will be found today

or tomorrow but it will be found

in my dreams, forever in my head.

If there are five doors to Hell you would see

souls burning and screaming then you will see

something that you have done to your brother

just that you could see him drowning.

Nobody bothered to help.

I have a dream to make the game, Stay Alive.

If you die in the game, you die for real

and the rose will kill the darkness

but it will come back.

If you use the rose to frighten the demon,

be prepared for the wrath of the demon.

It will do something to your life.

It will end your life but

if you die in the game

you die for real.

You will find the door to Hell and see

four-legged creatures trying to kill you

then you will find a door to a house with dead bodies.

There is a rose in the hand of a dead body.

Some person came here before to warn me:

something is coming to hurt me.

I always wanted to make the game

Stay Alive.

Anonymous, age 9

January 23, 2015


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After Lucille Clifton’s “My Lost Father”

I have acid in my brain
and it’ s killing the
flowers in my heart

If my father was lost
he would make up and regret
what became of himself

And in the rain
flowers in his heart are
dying in him

If my father could have picked the right path
he wouldn’t be fallen
in his heart

If my father said sorry
to his family he wouldn’t be
regretting what he has done.

Then he falls
and prays
to help
his soul.

by Anonymous, age 9