WingSpan Poetry Project


Family History

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I am Sylvia, granddaughter of Eliza.

Beautiful, her eyes so blue and hands so soft.

She embroiders dishtowels while watching Jeopardy,

bakes cookies, makes tortillas.

Never married, never regretted, said, “Marriage is for the birds.”

Her two parakeets were named Dick and Harry.

Her cat named Smokey. She taught me to smoke.

My name is Sylvia, daughter of Virginia.

Oh, so smart mother who loved her Bible, spent her time at church.

She baked cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, so much more and loved

Christmas. Her birthday always celebrated with Christ.

We went to college together, took some classes and studied.

Best friend, mabirdy, my mother.

I am Sylvia, mother of Adrianna, age 28, beautiful and sexy.

Born early on April Fool’s Day, she is disrespectful and mean to me.

She finds trouble and manipulates me. I want the best for her but

from now on, I will only pray for her.

I am Sylvia which means “through the forest.”

I grew up in Arroyo Seco, love Jesus and church.

For eighteen years I have been a nurse. Enrolled in college,

I am not sure what class to take. I have two boys, two girls,

and eight grandchildren. My life has many troubles

but I would rather be grateful than complain,

rather be thankful, than complain.


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