WingSpan Poetry Project


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Before the Fist

Before the fist
was the kiss

Before the silence
was the laughter

Before the venomous insults
were the words of love and adoration

I can go back before
and before
and before

Were I to go back
to before I knew
what it feels like
for my soul to scream
I would have never been born.

So I don’t give a fuck
about before. It’s all
about what’s soon to be.


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Far Away

You can no longer demean me.

You cannot take my soul

You try but I see straight

through you.

Far away you now have

to deal with your suffering

stripped of your mask

you can no longer hide.

Far away

I am strong. I see

what you can’t and I’m proud

to be me.

I have been healed

Far away

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Here I Am

Here I am, Santa Fe.
Living in a shelter
Never have lost apartments,
Humbled by the incredible
Women I meet
Sharing stories
Laughing at myself,
knowing this is really what
I need to find my chi.

Here I am with dreams
and goals that are happening
Manifesting my goals
One moment at a time
As Jim Morrison says, “Break on
through to the other side”

Here I am!

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Thank You

Thank you,

Every day I feel so thankful. I’m thankful for my beautiful
friends. I’m thankful for my safe home. I can rest my head
upon a pillow so full of life. Listen.

Can you hear my heart beating with loving
thankfulness. I’ve closed the door to those thoughts
of judgement. Listen.

Can you hear my words of courage so deep
Endless days I thought I would stay
but now I live for the day.

Moments of laughter
embraced by beauty.

One day at a time.
Can you catch my rhyme?

Rap on.

Don’t lose your self-worth.
Nobody knows the battle you face,
always remember it’s not a race.

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Before you entered through the door
my legs were planted firmly on the floor.

Before you said goodbye
my tears began to subside

Before you said I love you
my heart was broken

Pieces of my past
began to build a wall of creation

Artistically I grew to puzzle a picture of a life
I never knew, a life of streams running through

the hidden places of the mountains. I created
a cabin with glass walls
to see beyond the hidden walls.

I began to escape.

I began to awake.

I heard your voice

so soft and calm
that I saddled up
and prepared myself
for that ride into freedom.

Before you I was sad.

Now today I feel so proud.

Happiness has escaped me.

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One guest after another

walked into my father’s house

excited and welcomed

by the best host in town.

My father had built

a backyard for friends

with tables and chairs

all nicely arranged.

To top his pride

he built a huge BBQ

where he roasted the meat

with scratch sauce to pour.

And then as the drinks

came flowing through

the people got happy,

laughed, fought, and loved too.

As alcohol inebriated

my father through the night,

my mind was plotting

for how and what to find.

His pockets, his pockets

to my father I would ask

Daddy give me your pocket,

give all in my hands.

And he did.

My hands full of money,

many bills in my hand,

only until the next morning

when he asked for them back.


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The Portrait

My mother will never forgive my father

for hurting myself

especially when I was a child

in the spring

because I was born.

My father and mother raised up 6 children

to become nice people

without a father. I know what I have

done today

even I don’t have no parent

any more because they have

passed away.

He was a love father

and cared about his kids

and happy father’s day

to all the fathers

all around the whole world.

Just show love and affection.