WingSpan Poetry Project


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Out the Door I Don’t Need You Anymore

Are you a dead beat

that always has to cheat?

How can you be so mean,

leaving me the house to clean?

Your children barely

see you around

with their faces in a frown,

but mommy is always going

to be here

when you are far or near.

I don’t have to worry about

you anymore,

so take your sorry ass out

the door.

Our children will be just great

in this house of gates

without you.



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Quarter of a Century

Hello there, 25, I’ve been waiting for you to come.  Now that you are here we can have some fun!  With party shots, music and lots of food, I’m in a good mood.  I’m not that much younger or older yet.  I’m in the middle of the set, thankful that I made it to a quarter of a century.  Hopefully one day I can reach to make it through the whole century.


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Wearing Life Loosely

Birthdays are special.

Some have the same sign.

We celebrate, we laugh,

light candles and dine.

We remember, we fly.

My breath can be heavy

I sigh deeply…

take a moment to breathe.

Listening I hear the ocean

by the shore where I was born.

Moments to cherish

as the universe and I

move on

Birthday are

like minutes

each time a child’s born.


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Am I Man or Woman?

Am I man because I have genitals?

Am I woman because I have breast?

Am I man because I have short stocky hair?

Am I woman because I have long hair?

Am I man because I have muscles?

Am I woman because I’m self-conscious

about my weight?

Am I woman or man?

I am neither I AM ME!!!

Bella dea

May 23, 2015

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                       Have you ever dreamed or wanted to be the ONE?

(after Frank S. O’Neal)

At 15, I graduated from high school.

I am the One.

At 16, I was a freshman in college.

I am the One.

At 17, I was a junior at Harvard.

I am the One.

At 18, I graduated from Harvard.

I dreamed.

At 19, I was in a Masters at University

of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

I am the One.

At 21, I received my Masters at Loyola University.

I dreamed.

I was a Delta Nu.

I am the One.

I Dreamed And I Did Become The One!

Bella dea

May 23, 2015

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What is the Soul?

Is the soul a Christian?

The soul is love.

Is the soul a Muslim?

The soul is peace.

Is the soul a Jew?

The soul is long-suffering.

Is the soul a Bahai?

The soul is meekness.

Is the soul Black?

The soul is the soul.

Is the soul white?

The soul is soul.

Is the soul a Bible?

The soul is love.

The soul is anything you feel that

the soul should be.

The soul is your RIGHT OR WRONG.

Bella dea

May 23, 2015