WingSpan Poetry Project


I am from the life of tough love

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where some of us may not belong
I came from walking through the doors of judgment
and nobody wants to see
you hurt or see you cry because dare
to get caught in the blink of an eye
and you may die and come back to life
you are such a damn liar nobody wants
to connect to make a wire all you do
is look for attention because you will
never come out of my detention I
always considered you as a beast
and you will never be released walk the roads
alone because I will never go
cry of pain cry of love but obviously
nobody will ever understand because
nobody will ever give you a hand
call me when you die I”ll be there at
the exact time this is where all of it
ends I’m glad that you won’t be in this
world again it’s
a forever end
goodbye to such
a damn ugly

~ Karrina Serna


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