WingSpan Poetry Project


I was in the winter of my life

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and the people I met
along the way were my
only summer.

Two years down the line
of an endless drug binge,
my memories of them
were the only things that sustained me–
and my only real happy times.

I had dreams about
becoming a beautiful poet,
but upon a series of
unfortunate events saw those
dreams dashed and divided
like a million stars in the night sky.

Dazzling and broken.

But I know that it takes
getting everything you wanted,
and getting it all taken away
to know what true freedom is.

When people I knew
from my past saw me,
they asked me why.

I didn’t really have an answer.
There’s no talking
to people who have a home.
For us, home is wherever
we lay our heads.

My mom always told
me I had no fixed personality.
I have a chameleon soul.
No fixed moral compass
pointing due north.

Just an inner
indecisiveness that’s as wide
and wavering as the ocean.
And if I told you that
I didn’t mean for it to turn out
this way, I would be lying.
I have a very old soul. I believe
I chose this lifestyle
to test my strength.

One question I have to ask
you is who are you?
Are you in touch with all of your
darkest fantasies? have you created
a life for yourself where you
can experience them? I have.

I am fucking crazy,

but I am free.


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