WingSpan Poetry Project


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Remember the sound of birds at sunrise welcoming the day.
Remember the rustling of the leaves in the wind.
Remember the fragrance in the air after rain.
Remember dew drops on rose petals.
Remember the sun at its summit.
Remember the sunset that made you gasp,
how you gazed until dusk.

Remember to be thankful because you were given this day.
Remember in the dawn of morning of a new day,
there is hope.


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Remember when we were little
all was happiness, playing and laughter?

Remember when I held you
and embraced that special moment?

It was ethereal and so present,
like there is no place and then you.

Remember our first hand
holding, kissing?

Ripening in my memories
so deep in my heart,

like the shining of the moon
in the sky

like the waves of the sea
the stillness in the air,

so vivid and so ethereal
like a remembrance in time.

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I Remember

I remember when I was young
I loved to help my mom
bake pies. I ate till my heart
was full and happy.

I remember sitting at the table
eating fruit and laughing.
Most of all, I remember
the love in my mom’s eyes
as she watched me watch her cook
sweet apple pies that filled my heart
with so much love.

Now I watch my grandchildren
watch me when I cook.
To hear Jorge say “You’re the best
cook in the world. No one can cook
as good as you,” fill my heart
with so much love for him.

I hope that one day
when he grows up
he will be a lot like me
and cook from the heart.

by T