WingSpan Poetry Project


As it rains

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As it rains I sit here, dad,
wondering where that little girl is,
the one you read to and made up
stories for. This beautiful girl
loved to pick you flowers.
She always made sure
you were watching
as she twirled by.

You drove her way too fast
on the back of your bike.
One day, you let her in
on a little secret.
You said she was a keeper.
Her guilt was there, but the truth
was too. Best buds for life,
which can’t get much deeper.

We would sit and laugh
at the same old movies.
Four cigs at once,
then I’d put them out.
Spray paint your car
which made it cheaper.
Lay down and stare
at the deep, dark sky
wondering why life had to pass
us by. You were my dad
which a child-like mind.

Best buds for life
and that ain’t no lie.


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