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High Strung, at the edge of a Cliff

The choices we make

have a big impact on our lives


There are tough ones

Not very easy ones


At times we can feel as if

We are high strung

at the edge of a cliff


But other times we can

feel as if we are falling

off a huge cliff


then we continue falling

as if we were in a bottomless pit.


Things will be scary

and traumatic

But I know they make you feel

high strung on an edge

of a cliff.




Maybe it’s because you never

have had a high moment

and then when you have one

it feels like you are on top of the world


only to get shot down again


You see it coming




you don’t care, you just

let it happen anyway.


But all of a sudden

out of nowhere

you have this great change



once again you feel like

you are high strung

on the edge of a cliff




this time you won’t fall.



by B


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This Making of a Whole Self

Passing through this journey

has shaped and re-shaped me.

My hair is adorned with garlands of

mystical flowers that gently embrace me

that I carry with a smile.


My eyes wide open like a child

exploring the beauty

of the warmth of the sun,

the guiding light of the moon

and the gentle velvety grass

laced with dew drops.


My ears filled with songs like

honey and thundering harsh realities

my life . . .


My lips that whisper and sing songs

like rose petals and cries that

emerge when one is caught

in thorny bush –


My arms that embraced

so many broken souls and strange

souls like lions at times

exerted and laid to rest . . .


My feet set upon a less travelled

path carry me so faithfully

like a royal knight always prepared

to protect me in new horizons when

I am mystified by the divine

scripts of Supreme eternal songs

of shaping and re-shaping

my life to become part of the whole!


by N


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The Making of My Whole Self

Once again 4 me

I’ve tried for many years

but this very special poem is inspirational

and totally got my attention. When I $poke on it

I was completely here. It just came to my mind

I didn’t have to think bout what I needed or compare

2 no one else’s $tory which is amazing to me.

I totally and truly amazed my own self.

Wow, ain’t that interesting? (LOL)

$o my comment right off da top of my head after I heard

those inspiring words read were

that I felt that my life was all in pieces

$cattered out and I’m truly

at the point of $ewing

all my own pieces right back

to where they belong

in da best way po$$ible

not perfect cuz ain’t no perfect

ju$t 2 dare to be happy

with where I am 2 day!

what 2morrow $hall bring u$ or ME. . .

it$ an awesome very work of art and truly

inspired me on a whole entire different level

which I found pretty amazing.

The phrase that $tood out on me was

“all this fitting of what once-was and has-become”

because it’s like $ayin It is what it is

also be4 thi$ cla$$ I was all $cattered me$$

& now I got $um pieces together

& now I feel mended

& feel like I’m mending my life

2 gether in a positive way

truely inspiring


by D

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What once was and has become  . . . .

Stepping forward, falling down

Cloudy days, colder nights

Darker nights become

blissful days.

Inner peace– Outer place

Stormy weather– calmer mind

Dark paths once becomes

a bright Red Road to follow.

Once loved–FREE OF PAIN

I’m alone at last and

Letting GO OF THE PAST. . .


by V

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Matty, You Matter

Tatter – thru the tatter

of what mess lay on the table –

For I am going to put together

the pieces of the old– with newer

pieces of today.

Your first pair of jeans–

with my now small pair . . .

I’ll create a quilt of memories

in blue jean denim –

a classic, never out of date, ok style.

Much like Ralph Lauren with a Tiffany

twist or Coach handbag.

Always treasured and carried

with pride.

You Matty, matter.

Thru tattered circumstance

A quilt of “Hope” is sewn.


by Jen J.

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I liked you

Don’t be afraid.

I kissed you.

Don’t be afraid.

I waited for you.

I wasn’t afraid.

I took a chance on you.

I wasn’t afraid.

You showed your true colors.

I still wasn’t afraid.

You yelled for me.

I love you.

Yes, I was afraid.

Why? because when it came to an end

you were finally seen and

came close to not being

afraid of these words.

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Words and sounds toward a new tongue

Changes, I feel like I did

a good thing

I up and left my life

my children’s life, for you.

I feel like it’s the best thing

changes, I feel like

I can’t get you out of my mind

I think of all the positive,

all the flowing things,

so good. If it wasn’t meant to,

why is it flowing so good?

Changes, I look at

my beautiful girls

smiles on their faces, all the time

I get to spend with them

the joy in their voices.

Changes, I didn’t run away from anything.

I left my heart with you until one day

you’ll see changes

you need to make

within you,



by K