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Matty, You Matter

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Tatter – thru the tatter

of what mess lay on the table –

For I am going to put together

the pieces of the old– with newer

pieces of today.

Your first pair of jeans–

with my now small pair . . .

I’ll create a quilt of memories

in blue jean denim –

a classic, never out of date, ok style.

Much like Ralph Lauren with a Tiffany

twist or Coach handbag.

Always treasured and carried

with pride.

You Matty, matter.

Thru tattered circumstance

A quilt of “Hope” is sewn.


by Jen J.


One thought on “Matty, You Matter

  1. Reblogged this on Miriam's Well: Poetry, Land Art, and Beyond and commented:
    Santa Fe poet Stella Reed is doing some worthwhile community poetry. She says—for the past few years I’ve been working with WingSpan Poetry Project bringing poetry groups to women in domestic violence and homeless shelters along with Elizabeth Jacobson and Barbara Rockman and with the huge hearted support of NMLA including Joan Logghe, Edie Tsong, and Michelle Holland. Lately I’ve had a constant group of enthusiastic, strong writers eager for knowledge of the poetic processes and to have their voices heard. They have access to a shared computer at the shelter and have been able to see their poems posted on our blog.

    Also, read this interview with Stella about activism and poetry—–
    part of Kenneth Gurney’s excellent e-zine project.

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