WingSpan Poetry Project


The Making of My Whole Self

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Once again 4 me

I’ve tried for many years

but this very special poem is inspirational

and totally got my attention. When I $poke on it

I was completely here. It just came to my mind

I didn’t have to think bout what I needed or compare

2 no one else’s $tory which is amazing to me.

I totally and truly amazed my own self.

Wow, ain’t that interesting? (LOL)

$o my comment right off da top of my head after I heard

those inspiring words read were

that I felt that my life was all in pieces

$cattered out and I’m truly

at the point of $ewing

all my own pieces right back

to where they belong

in da best way po$$ible

not perfect cuz ain’t no perfect

ju$t 2 dare to be happy

with where I am 2 day!

what 2morrow $hall bring u$ or ME. . .

it$ an awesome very work of art and truly

inspired me on a whole entire different level

which I found pretty amazing.

The phrase that $tood out on me was

“all this fitting of what once-was and has-become”

because it’s like $ayin It is what it is

also be4 thi$ cla$$ I was all $cattered me$$

& now I got $um pieces together

& now I feel mended

& feel like I’m mending my life

2 gether in a positive way

truely inspiring


by D


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