WingSpan Poetry Project


This Making of a Whole Self

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Passing through this journey

has shaped and re-shaped me.

My hair is adorned with garlands of

mystical flowers that gently embrace me

that I carry with a smile.


My eyes wide open like a child

exploring the beauty

of the warmth of the sun,

the guiding light of the moon

and the gentle velvety grass

laced with dew drops.


My ears filled with songs like

honey and thundering harsh realities

my life . . .


My lips that whisper and sing songs

like rose petals and cries that

emerge when one is caught

in thorny bush –


My arms that embraced

so many broken souls and strange

souls like lions at times

exerted and laid to rest . . .


My feet set upon a less travelled

path carry me so faithfully

like a royal knight always prepared

to protect me in new horizons when

I am mystified by the divine

scripts of Supreme eternal songs

of shaping and re-shaping

my life to become part of the whole!


by N



One thought on “This Making of a Whole Self

  1. I enjoyed this–thank you.

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