WingSpan Poetry Project


Curriculum Vitae

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  1. I was reborn in Spirit and Truth the day before my youngest daughter turned 7
  2. On this new birthday I knew that only few can accept the reality of living in Spiritual Death.
  3. Strangers only, many I choose to forget, were physically present. I wonder today how many understand.
  4. Forever became an ultimatum I chose to accept and embrace. On those strangers faces, an expression of hate and discord.
  5. Even though and still today, my only regret for that day was a piece of my innocent self left on the dirty floor.
  6. My daughter left being six and cannot remember her voice.
  7. Being a mother of a seven year old as I tarry alone inside my broken heart.
  8. One lesson I will never depart–please J, never miss another chance to live up to being only who you really are!
  9. A mother, rather for me, a vessel.
  10. Zarah, my sweetheart, you are ten now and I miss the smell of your dirty hair.
  11. Eleven years will pass as quickly as the last eleven. I hope my tears will not fill an ocean.
  12. 12+ me … I believe on my journey to here, where we shared so many happy memories, living here at casa, so many say you’re unlucky as
  13. a Friday
  14. Lilah, my greatest 2nd born hero, will you ever let me love you again?
  15. Please dear GOD, hear my heart cry for a happy birthday for my Hero.
  16. Lilah, when you’re sixteen, my heart I hope will have mended and we might love each other again.
  17. Seventeen years of marriage seems too precious to believe.
  18. Your Big Daddy is a badman, since I have always known he existed to bring you here.
  19. Nineteen years old and my Best Friend and Son you refused to celebrate.
  20. Hate is a very strong emotion, it is only now I understand why my own dad had very few absolute truths. Hate was a word he could not allow.
  21. And now I understand Hate = Pain    Love = Pain and HOPE is a dream worth believing in!

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