WingSpan Poetry Project


To be blessed

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said J, is to be in a safe place,
well fed and comforted by the sights,
sounds and feeling of a life worth living
is what I have found to have blessed
my daily round.

To be blessed
said Sal (Heavy)
Is to be crafted, handled
and to journey anywhere my love
can go. I wonder if today is the day I will
be taken from a large, very deep cardboard box
among my kind, and who is this lady
who insists on toting to and fro,
and does she think I could use a good throw?
She believes in my heavy
comfort and cuddles.
Maybe, just maybe I will
soon know what it’s like
to become a mascot bear.

To be blessed
said God, is to witness
a woman I see as my little
princess who lives and walks
in a land far from me
and how does she bless me?
By being all she can
be herself now, my
Jer Bear and Heavy Sal
when you are happy and free
to be as happy as can be
with only You, Me
and a teddy bear. This I believe
is what being blessed is.


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