WingSpan Poetry Project


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I wake

a zombie back from
the dead,
jumbled life demands
like a dull knife
sawing at fog
cumulo nimbus
in my brain
around my head
my son’s playing a game
my heart aching
anticipated pain

I reprimand him,
ask for my phone,
the time handed
to me i am
There’s still time.
i dig through my pile
freshly cleaned clothes
like dirt hiding treasure
finding first
my pants,
then my shirt.
a plan of the day
runs slow as molasses
through my head
from the slit
finally cut in the fog.

I lumber down the stairs
searching for coffee.
looked for coffee …
i looked for
what to put in coffee
i found hot chocolate
my fog follows
I go with my cup
and my fog
to the office
my medications …
i got them …
smoke …
the fog follows
outside it’s hard to believe
it’s been an hour
already …


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Socks socks

Socks, socks
shoes in socks
socks in shoes
feet in socks
in shoes, on my feet.

There they go
all day long
fabric wrapped, around my ten white toes
wiggle in the tight space.

Claustrophobic movement
as I think about all ten toes.
Nails on top of skiin
How do they attach?
Why can’t I feel the smell of stinky feet start to happen?
It’s cool how what I’m feeling and thinking
can be separate from my behavior.

Scratch scratch
the straps on my sandals rub
against my skin.
It feels different than having socks on.
My feet are more vulnerable
to be stepped on
my feet feel the temperature
change more easily …

This way
I can see my toes wiggle now.
This way
other can see ten other parts of me.
This way
can happen for so many different reasons.

(Can others not feel what I’m thinking like I can’t feel the smell of stinky feet start to happen?)

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Reach for the Stars

We are in Summer,
who will be the next runner,
watch out with that gunner,
that is just around the corner,

I don’t care if you are black or white,
we were all created equal, in this sequel,
humans were meant to thrive, in this life,
so smile and don’t look back,

I am in a shelter,
might need a Santa Clause elf helper,
people don’t have it easy like we do,
so go out there and find a clue,

Don’t commit suicide,
Hop on and let’s take a ride,
no need to hide,
no telling what you will find