WingSpan Poetry Project


3 Letters from Rea

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Dear Steve,
Thank you for smiling
in your homemade lunch
may this note bring  you joy
for all that you’ve done for others.
` Rea


Dear Roller Coaster,
Do you remember me?
They let me ride you when I.was not tall enough
I was afraid of feeling left out for being small.
They were afraid to tell me no.

You did what you were made to do.
Yet, you didn’t bring me joy like you were intended to.

Thank you for setting me free.
I forgive you for being yourself.
Even though we will never meet again,
your lesson lives with me forever.

What my pain was caused by in my neck
was never your intent.
to love myself as I am
to not be something more.
I am enough already.

A child without the guilt of being
no shame in remembering
the joy of being still.
~ Rea


Dear Butterfly,
Your symbol is used by many
so powerful and free.

The shame of resenting you
I”d like to let go.

A woman who hurt me wore a tattoo of you
and I was mad at your image ever since.

Thank you for helping me transform
to let go of that old shell of me.

May I be worthy to meet that woman again
without discord or contempt.

In years to come may she not be harmed
nor your journey to the sky

The flight you take inspires me
your colors also do.

A woman I would like to be
Humble. Wise. Serene.
~ Rea


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