WingSpan Poetry Project


I Am

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I am the hope on Christmas morning
I am the juice of summer’s blueberry harvest
I am the joy of a long lost lover
I am the song of an early morning praise
I am the writer of a destiny awaiting
I am the heart of wild souls uncaged
I am the melody of a gentle brook flowing
I am the strength of the trees against the storm
I am the roar of immense waterfalls
I am the mystery of a cave unexplored
I am the victory at the top of the mountain
I am the serenity found in the meadows below
I am the sweat that glistens like dew drops
I am the shelter like a rugged aged barn
I am the security of padlocks on doors
I am the peace keeper of battles yet fought
I am the bast that will kill without thought
Fuck withe me not
I am the gypsy that shall never be caged
I am the instigator that will rattle your rage
I am the one that is never defeated
I am the fighter
I am the warrior
Victim I am Not


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