WingSpan Poetry Project


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A great day

and great planet, great time waiting for things to happen

A great event of huge proportions also waiting to happen

Our great sun getting whiter by the day,

great mission craft waiting hidden behind clouds, waiting

The Great Event, deep azure blue flashing out from Sirius

A great central sun. A great time to be here.

A great colossal firing of the cosmos.

A time so great all human kind will remember

Great bolt of heavenly blue entering our sun

and thus cleaving our planet earth. so timely,

all those of the light will be touched. I have waited

all my life for this spectacular event.

And so the Great Creator’s will gives us the perfect timing

and great spiritual extraterrestrials abound.




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You that they gave life and breath to

You that they betrayed with word deeds and don’ts

You who gave back as good as you got

You who gave your two cents and kept the change

You don’t have to try anymore to understand you

You don’t have to succeed where you failed

You only have you, you are enough, and plenty for you


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My mother

My mother the lovely lady
My  mother the giving friend
My  mother, where did you go?

Are you in the dark
or with your clothing in the closet?
Bella is twenty now and wakes up
in the morning at 6.

Each week i pull out photos of you
when you were young.
Oh mother, where could you be?

My mother the Goddess
My mother the nun
How it was all so natural
and oh, how fun.