WingSpan Poetry Project


Miami Forum


When I go see Mother Nature,
I feel I’m in the world of peace.
All the leaves falling from the trees,
while the wind blows, keeping me nice and cool.
I see the birds in their nests singing their songs,
eating their nuts, the fishes swimming
in the pond.
The sun is bright making my mood
feel happy. Oh, I love this peaceful
When I’m calm, the voice of Mother
Nature whispers in my ear, How do
you love this?
I respond, Seeing your wonderful
work of the world is such a
beautiful thing to have.




What was told
it was from Heaven
It spread like sugarcane
because somebody had a race
and opened the door
and began to hear His chest rise.



My Life

I have walked through many trials,
some of them were harder than others,
but each made me a different person.
When I look at my past,
I was very tempted, weak, sometimes a
failure of things, but now I am much more
of a warrior. I stand strong when it comes
to my fate.
I may not be rich or famous, of the world’s eye.
My strength, my courage keeps me going for my
loved ones.
My journey is just beginning, this isn’t
the end.
You see life can be beautiful as well,
I am not done with my life yet.



The Layers

You have talked through it.
Think will to process in our lives.
Today we shall our heart be reconciled
whenever I need to go.
Listen to your voice.
I see the clouds scattered
with angels that show love.
In dark night the moon will shine
to prepare the journey
and see the precious milestone
from Heaven.
Should be transformations
in a different paths
and wind blows.



Aiming High

How often have I began
to follow your will for me,
and I ended up stopping half
way through?

How many times have
you picked me up again
and pointed the way that was

so clearly I see what
path I must choose to journey
and complete?

Yet my heart gets
discouraged, many times
I bow to defeat.

And as I lay down
and allow despair to

you send in your
Spirit to lovingly kiss open
my eyes.

So, once again, I
stand tall waiting
for your word to proceed.

This time, yes, this
time Lord, I ask you
help me to succeed.

I am aiming high,
as high as I can that
no man can bring me

My journey is long
and I must prevail. I’m
aiming high, I’m heaven



Rose Tattoo

Tattoo of love on my skin
of you.
Have your name on my body
as a permanent reminder.
Instead of a scar.
At night me and you viewing
the moon, and the stars.
If I could, I would try to tattoo
you emotionally on my heart.
Like a water hose to give the
roses in the garden liquid to live.
Box of chocolate mint candy, pleasant
cologne, scented perfume, pink grape-
fruit champagne.
So generous when you give.
Peony, Hyacinth, Daisy, Lily, Tulip
that need the moral visible support
like that of the spokes on the wheels
to stand up a flower cart.
Like a new bouffant hairdo
it makes me happy to live.
To see your tattoo of a clown’s
oblong face.
Reminiscence of the tremendous
human race.
Before you eat your food, Granny
says don’t forget to pray to Grace.
The Almighty might think we’re
ungrateful folks.
Above the collar of my lace blouse
there’s a tattoo of your heart.




There was one boy
who had one eye that was
blue the other brown
with the blue he could see
that the world was bright,
and free and with the brown
all he could see was how people
hated their own well being.




Once I had a dream I saw the
Lord. He flew with me. He said “My child
don’t lose faith for I am with you and there
I’ll stay, but if you ever have any doubt
that I am not there just turn
around for i will never let you down.”



See me

See me
through you.

I am not who
I once was…

Respectful, caring,
honest, giving, freely
with the things
I have. Not seeking
wrong doing.

I do I no where
I stayed. Don’t
give up just, I
need to let go.



You Are My Blessing

Just off the expressway to Miami, Florida
There an ocean full of waves and nice breeze.
A newlywed couple kissing
and hugging loving each of the special moment.
They have come gladly out of the romantic
love boat to welcome my friends and me to celebrate
this blissful day.
They are so in love just like a child
who loves cake.
The bride is wearing a nice beautiful white
dress that reminds me of a white dove
of heaven’s gates. You should see her smiling
with the groom. I never knew there could be love like
Oh, what a blessing this is to see, two
new love birds who are meant to be.



The Fragrance of Air

A place among the beautiful waters,
out of town friends,
my husband, my child,

the smell of salt air
everywhere we wander.
Music to groove by
bars full of gay guys
waving and dancing to
rhythm and beat.

Pina coladas tasty and cold.
We all have straw hats that are
weaved with gold.

Fishing boats full from the day’s
catch –
Amazing the fragrance, the smell
of the catch.

Tonight we eat dolphin,
watch the sunset so close.
Swinging in a hammock, watching
the boats –

Breathing the air, I close my eyes.
I drift in to wonder,
not a worry or care, being among
beautiful waters,
out of town friends,
my husband, my child,
the fragrance of air.




What about Florida
I think is nice to live
because when have alligator
hide under wait something
is attack swim down swamp
have beautiful birds
that song
stirred up with blue solvent

Lummus Park
Lummus Park is a nice place
to go with the family
have a beautiful surround
with big trees
I never been to Lummus Park
before I know it a good place to go
and a lot of benches with more sun.



Majestic Bird Code

We saw some beautiful majestic
flamingos standing on the side
of the road. Their legs so erect,
and the other leg held perpendicular
bent on the knee, they seem so
proud with their vibrant coral pink
feathers. These birds always seem
to attract an inquisitive crowd.

The pretty peacock with the
splendid array of very colorful
feathers, a shock to the visual senses,
of good humor, and with their
unique elegant stride.

Also the parrots with the
cute bright bold color feathers.
As the birds take a sip of water
from the raindrops, we wonder is
their favorite snack food carrots?
Do you smell the keen fragrance incense
from the Boutaniqua Tea Shop?

They love to talk. There are
rumors that they admire the sound
of the human voice, which these
birds imitate. Astonishingly even
taking off in stormy turbulent weather.

Were these birds here for the first
floral garden known to mankind?

As you see them bound to fly over
yonder, they don’t mind being considered
very old, indeed on this planet so-called
earth, with a huge amount of pride,
that they think gives them superior
knowledge and seniority over every-
body else.

Looking up, flocks of them flying
around, wings spread apart high in the
sky, similar to a single engine
airplane making smoke rings under
a cloud, but much quieter, not as loud.
How many people pray for pilot licenses
by the way?

Then they land on solid ground.
These bird species aerial stunt
speciality is a majestic touch



Baby Kittens

There are five baby kittens that I know. They all
love to play around with your toes.
In daylight they sleep and eat just like
newborn babies but at night all of the five
kittens party wild like crazy. Climbing on
trees knocking down honey bees. Oh these
little kittens are really fun to see. How I
love them so much. These lovely kittens always
have my heart to touch.




Summer is a vacation
I think summer is for kids
swimming in the water
Summer is going to be very
muddy and humid
and sun. Enjoy the summer
and be sweaty and sticky
Summer is like a sunset
that let the wake of the waves
Summer is a cool place
Summer is prepare
to get ready.



I’ve Got to Go

I wake each morning hearing
a rooster crow,
I look at the time on my
cell phone, and then I’ve got to go!

No matter where I am, no
matter where I sleep, I still
wake up each morning,
I jump to my feet, I say,
Good morning, and then I’ve got to go!

What matters most to me is
what’s in front I see…I do
my best, I hang around, I try
to keep my feet on the ground,
and then I’ve got to go!

Thank you very much, I’m happy
we are friends, the food was
great, I’m glad I ate. Hope
to see you tomorrow, after
I hear the rooster crow. I bow
my head, look your way,
and then I’ve got to go!




There once was a young woman who used
to get beaten, hurt and didn’t feel loved
by her father, but at the end of the day,
she still stands strong.

After school she would go to a family
friends’ house to help him clean up but
was abused by him in different kinds of
ways making her feel not to trust anyone,
especially men, but at the end of the day
she still stands strong.

She was removed from her home at 14 and
was separated from her brother and sister
crying so much tears thinking to herself
she wouldn’t see them again, but at the
end of the day, she still stands strong.

Now today she’s happy where she’s at even
though her past wasn’t great and had lost
her own place an other things i life.
It didn’t bring her down, it drew her closer
in faith, but at the end of the day
she still stands strong.

-Zina Lanier


It was a dream,
I pleased with myself
in which my greater self
rise up before me,
and see a sparkle in my eye
and change my life
what I have done.
Dream in which I meet myself
the dream is always
done worry it
I think as myself
it food of thought
a memory.



Big pearls,
little pearls,
are they pearls?
Hmmm..Let me
think. How valuable
are real pearls?
Let me keep mine
because they come
from an unseeable
you know where they
come from?



Wish wish
Wish How can I
whine? You are my
happiness, no
joy is already
here. This is
good enough for me,
take joy. It is



Wearing Life Loosely

Birthdays are special.
Some have the same sign.
We celebrate, we laugh,
light candles and dine.
We remember, we fly.
My breath can be heavy
I sigh deeply…
take a moment to breathe.
Listening I hear the ocean
by the shore where I was born.
Moments to cherish
as the universe and I
move on
Birthday are
like minutes
each time a child’s born.



Death Follows Me

Now in my life
when age comes upon
I still feel stumbling
Stumble and fall.
My question is still
what’s going to help best –
encouragement, meditation,
maybe a church I could attend?
So in this long road
until I get to my grave,
I will always keep walking with what is my best
that I’ll take to my death.



Quarter of a Century

Hello there, 25, I’ve been waiting for you to come.  Now that you are here we can have some fun!  With party shots, music and lots of food, I’m in a good mood.  I’m not that much younger or older yet.  I’m in the middle of the set, thankful that I made it to a quarter of a century.  Hopefully one day I can reach to make it through the whole century.



Out the Door, I don’t Need You Anymore

Are you a dead beat
that always has to cheat?
How can you be so mean,
leaving me the house to clean?
Your children barely
see you around
with their faces in a frown,
but mommy is always going
to be here
when you are far or near.
I don’t have to worry about
you anymore,
so take your sorry ass out
the door.
Our children will be just great
in this house of gates
without you.



The Portrait

My mother will never forgive my father
for hurting myself
especially when I was a child
in the spring
because I was born.
My father and mother raised up 6 children
to become nice people
without a father. I know what I have
done today
even I don’t have no parent
any more because they have
passed away.
He was a love father
and cared about his kids
and happy father’s day
to all the fathers
all around the whole world.
Just show love and affection.




One guest after another
walked into my father’s house
excited and welcomed
by the best host in town.

My father had built
a backyard for friends
with tables and chairs
all nicely arranged.

To top his pride
he built a huge BBQ
where he roasted the meat
with scratch sauce to pour.

And then as the drinks
came flowing through
the people got happy,
laughed, fought, and loved too.

As alcohol inebriated
my father through the night,
my mind was plotting
for how and what to find.

His pockets, his pockets
to my father I would ask
Daddy give me your pocket,
give all in my hands.

And he did.
My hands full of money,
many bills in my hand,
only until the next morning
when he asked for them back.



In Between Rainstorms

On the other side
it’s a colorful rainbow
on a cloudy day
Children come outside and play
on this beautiful spring day.
-Zina Lanier


Rainbow [Tanka]

Sight beyond belief
enormous colors so bright
spirituality sinks in so deep
a miracle lives in the sky
with my daughter by my side.



Person of the Playful Star

I listen to songs
at the apex of the night
someone handsome
appears the Milky Way
the stars of Jupiter run over and fall.



My Mind – Tanka

Don’t run my mind. Stop, release chill.
It’s not important. You are here.
You made the effort. Chill
So stop overthinking, stop wanting to win.
It doesn’t matter. Just chill, just chill.


Strange Dog – Tanka

The dog in my mind,
the red, white and blue
licks me at night
as if I got the flu.
Stop weird dog. Shoo!


Haiku: I can learn!

Animals are there.
Creatures and insects, you can learn



My Mouth Purses

My mouth purses
poised to defeat the annoying grumblings
coming from below.
Like a giant chained on to prison walls
unable to reach for even a crumb,
it calls to me relentlessly, incessantly, persistently.
My mouth is compassionate but cool
and in control of every bite.
He is angry at me quite frequently.



My Feet

My feet are not just for having ten
toes. My feet do things people
just may not know!
I use my feet when I’m walking
down the street . Sometimes I
can make a funky beat.
I use my feet when I want them
clean so people won’t be so mean.
I use my feet when I stand up in
front of a crowd. People cheering
very loud.
I use my feet when I want to run
around in the sun just having so
much fun.
When it’s time for my feet to rest
in bed, I say to myself My feet
are red. Good night and see you
tomorrow, my Ted.

Zina Lanier, 4/23/2015


All Parts

Do all parts of the
body work together
knowing they were
made for good
purpose? Free my
body came back
alive. Because you
work great to-
gether. If one part’s
back, you other
parts help that
one. I love when
you work together
so support that.
You don’t let lies
and deceits destroy.
You help one another.
Don’t take long
body, love love
love one another.

Dee Dee, 4/23/2015


The Once Broken Blossom

The branches grew moldy brown stains,
The trunk’s stench permeated the air,
Tenderly the leaves were trimmed,
Tenderly nourished the water droplets,
Bit by bit the bright green hue returned,
Bit by bit the flowers began to smell of sweet nectar,
Once upon a time she thought she was a lost cause,
Once upon a time she deemed herself unworthy of love and light,
Now she is a blossoming vibrant life source,
Now her neighboring plants wanted to reach to touch the rays of the sun, as did she.

~Contagious Yogini, 4/14/15


The Mind Wheels Spin

Turning, twisting, churning about,
The thoughts that pass through multiply each minute.
Does it ever stop? Will it ever rest? Is there such a thing as thinking about too much thinking?
Every second of the day, it spins like a rat in viscous rage on a wheel.
Until one day the young mind met union,
The mind found connection to oneness,
Peace was able to enter, slowly, softly, gracefully,
No longer consumed with worries,
Simply alive with the joy of this very present moment.

~Contagious Yogini, 4/14/15


“The Meaning of Life”

I often sit and reiminance about the beginning of Creation and how I was conceived to fit into this universal plan.

To have grown up in a city not yet on the map of the United States and to bloom into life with many responsibilities to myself and others around the world is quite perplexing. It made me ponder what my real sense of responsibility is to the universe and God’s destiny for myself.

I’ve met people from all walks of life that have cemented an importance in my life; whether it was large or small or a valuable path to my success and happiness. I shall never forget the moment it may have changed my life’s journey.

To become a beacon to two small children in the struggle of their life and now they hold that same level of responsibility that I thought only belonged to me is astounding and is a reflection of God’s Saving Grace. I gleam with pride and unspeakable joy of my own strengths as a woman and mother that was paved by my family’s walk in God’s universal plan.

Life is way too short; so hold on to find out how God’s universal plan will become a portrait in your own life.

Ms. M, 4/6/15



I woke up with good intentions.

My heart excited about the day.

A good stretch, a few good blinks

ahh a cuppa coffee I’m on my way.

Oh! No! Here comes my brain! Thinking again.

Go where! –

I went to the chair with my book of despair

the chair by a window

the window of air, to see what’s going on out there!!!

I open the door and I went out there –

Now I am sitting.

Breathing fresh air

Marge, 3/31/15



Today is a hot day,

makes me want to jump inside a pool of water.

You can tell it’s hot because the trees are barely moving.

It makes me want to take off my clothes and lay on the cold hard floor.

Today is a day you just want to ignore and hope the winds take their course.

Today is a day you barely hear the birds chirping.

They are probably taking a nice birdbath near the ocean.

I wish I could join them out by the bay.

But I rather be in the AC sipping iced tea and drinking water all day.

I wish I could feel the breeze like how the trees feel.

I wish today was the day I felt the wind in my hair and sat in a chair

in the corner to watch nature take its journey.

I just wish today was a cool day to sit out by the sea

but I rather be at home in the AC watching cartoons on TV.

Ro Brown, 3/17/2015


Thank You

Thank you for my thoughts

Thank you for peace of mind

Thank you for helping me discover my true self

Thank you for my happy

thoughts and great memory

Thank you for life

Thank you for unpromised days

and thank you for the humbleness and patience.

Zoe, 3/10/2015



Quiet room more thoughts

mind racing like a clock

thinking of things that

make me happy it’s good

to be alone it makes you

wonder it makes you dose

makes you think to yourself

that loneliness sometimes helps.

Zoe, 3/10/2015



Quiet mornings; cat hugs.

Bare feet on clean floors,

Shadows on bare walls.

Colors and canvas waiting for me.

Coffee’s too strong, I should have made tea.

Laundry needs wringing, litter box needs cleaning,

Before I begin my day.

Carole, 3/10/2015


Aquarium Show

Looking inside the aquarium at the

cobalt blue water flow of beautiful

tropical fish and plants of an eight

gallon tank refreshes my mind, from the

daily grind and stress of life outside.

It’s a miracle that a person

doesn’t have to roam around the

seashore if they don’t find it necessary.

Driving and maneuvering through heavy

traffic could be quite a scare.

When you arrive at your destination,

trust they are still alive, watching four walls

can be slightly a bore, but instead view

an aquarium show at home.

I love to see them kiss the glass,

surface for air, gulping water, you just

have to care.

It’s a big responsibility not to

run out of fish food, must remember

to keep a supply at all times.

This will ensure they remain healthy

and strive, also wipe and clean top of tank

of rust mildew and slime.

Always taking quick glances at the

aquarium water, plant, real tropical fish,

tank show.

Then I might buy my puppy a ribbon bow.

Ginger, February, 2015


Which Lyric Route?

The DJ at the disco club is giving a shout out. Then he plays a song that comes on “The Last Dance”.
The girl wonders is this the time she should take the chance to do the new dance “In Like Flynn”?  She’s not so sure, is this committing a sin?

The DJ then plays the song “Ring My Bell”.  She tells her friends, Uncle Clay says they are going to a disco club they are going straight to hell.

The DJ plays a slow jam the lyrics go being with “the one you love feel so fine”, then one of her friends gives her a bottle of Cisco to drink this eases her mind. Then when the song comes on “Here Comes The Sun” who knew life could be this much fun?

At the discotheque the song lines. You don’t have to take your clothes off to have a good time, so happy to hear the be-bop of hip-hop her next drink was a bottle of soda pop with the flavor lemon lime.

The DJ tells the dancers to shake their behind, the girl is very glad that night everything is alright, no one’s mad at the disco club, her friends are kind.

Final slow jam played was “Stairway to Heaven” they wanted to hear more after leaving the disco, in the car on the route to the Store she was having a turkey ham sandwich a candy bar and a slushy from 7-Eleven.

Ginger, February, 2015


Dreaming Silently

daydreaming in the middle of class,

looking out the window of glass, at the

birds in the trees thinking of my favorite

pop star or sometimes my favorite ice cream.


Saying to one of my classmates, what team

is going to win the volleyball game, whispering

quietly as the others kids are screaming.


The boy leans over to the girl, he adores,

she looks at her books all the same,

thinking this kids a bore.


The kids are mesmerized at a jar

of multicolored jellybeans. Dreaming

silently when they can eat them,

happy that they are free.

Ginger, January 27, 2015


Wake Up Call

Wake up as the moon’s shine going down,

and the sun’s rise is coming up.

Waves of the sounds of beach water from the Atlantic ocean

whizzes inside my ears.

Walking in front of me, pet dogs pulled by leashes

of adoring persons who own them.

Wet grass from the morning dew,

I feel underneath my sandaled feet.

I hear people conversing – talking on mobile phones

cats meowing, dogs barking, birds chirping,

squirrels eating acorns for breakfast,

cars blowing their horns.

Windy breeze blowing through the palm tee leaves.

Coconuts falling on the sand.

Viewing lifeguard’s two story huts,

seeing airplanes in the sky and wondering where they are going to land.

Walking past a restaurant, smelling the aroma of fresh coffee, eggs, bacon and bread.

Then I see a soccer ball.

Ginger, 1/27/2015


I’d Laugh

Different colors,

Different shapes,

Different tastes.

They are all different, but

They look the same.

Say I were to hold you in my hand,

Swallow by swallow.

Don’t forget God made them, too,

Big buildings

And all types of things

That distract us.

Dee Dee, 2/10/15


So Let’s Speak

Let’s speak

like potato chips

in crunches

Dee Dee, 2/10/15


The Nile In Vienna

The purple viola that jouez in my darkest nights

that cheer me up rah rah rah

the candor of the water lilies which float up

to the light side of the moon

the Turkish delights that thrill my brothers and sisters

when we sing by the campfires

oh give me a home where the firelilies roam

and the art is as enchanting as this poem

oh give me a song to sing to the Roman who

feels like she is locked out of my heart

oh grant me a smile that will sail me through

the Nile in Vienna where I live in my Christened bliss

oh give us some peace when we dance after our feast

and tame our impaled mists.

It reminds me of the community unforeseen

precisely to the point

exaggerating like interviews with silver foxes and free thinkers.

What if I were not so detrimental to them as we think?

What if I were like a bronzed picket fence surrounded by fire?

What if my heart started instead of stopped whenever you touched my cold hands?

C-Mo Love, Feb. 2015


Just Like The Blue Jay

The person who makes me scream,

drives me insane, she makes my ears ring,

but even though she’s doing all these things

she brings joy and happiness with a side of rain.

Could it be you that has me screaming?

Yes, it’s true, it is you,

because you bring love with the pain

and you throw blows like the wind

flowing through the trees every time I look at you

I scream to where you could hear,

and sometimes in silence, but either way

it goes, you are the cause of it.

You are my dream come true

and my headache too.

Sometimes you stress me out so I’ve got to scream

to relieve all my pain, and to remember

that you are my smile.

I look in to the sky

as the blue bird sings

you are just like the blue jay

beautiful with a side of insane.

Ro Brown, 1/26/15


Sweet Love

Love has no bounds

When it comes to you

The things we share cannot compare


Our insecurities push us apart

Our jealousy tries to tear us apart

We fuss and fight not caring about our feelings


Everything stops when we look into each other’s eyes

That’s when we both realize what brought us together

The feeling of love for each other out weighs everything


Sweet love is what we call it

No matter what we do our heats draw us back together

This sweet love I wouldn’t change it for the world


When we get married to show our love for each other

I know for sure our bitter sweet love will change

I now know what we have is sweet love


Your heart belongs to me

My heart belongs to you

That’s what our sweet love is about

Deanna Brown, 1/26/15


A Fish, Dish, and a Wish

Island Tropical 

A fish that is gold, maybe silver or another

beautiful color, swimming in the tranquility

of the blue-green waves of ocean water.

A dish made of porcelain with the beautiful colors

ivory, rimmed with silver or gold with a delicious

array of food that raves of compliment and craves

of watering the palette for sensational eating.

A wish for something spectacular before the grave,

hoping every moment to a life that is wonderful and essential

on a island that is tropical, even a city that’s large,

or maybe a town that is small, even being fantastic

in a village that is quaint or any part of the panet earth,

even someday in the future outer space to really be safe.

Ginger, 1/20/2015


My Brain Is Blank!

I’m lost with out thought.

Not knowing which way to go.

Thinking is a blank I can’t do this.

I’m lost in a rut, stuck in a box

with no openings.

What am I to do?

Think a little harder.

Maybe I will pop out of this blankness.

Blondie, 1/20/2105


Continual Spiral

I am a woman in a continual spiral

I cannot hear what I am saying

because I have yet to be able to hear myself

I am in fluid

gushing like crystalline

rising from the ashes of paranoia and comparisons

fleeting the dagger of firery eyes

they flaunt with mascara and flaming falsies

breaking on the concrete jungle like a tunnel of obsession

and direct aggression from years of impenetrable

connection and corrections

shooting upward to unchartered territories

exploring the clandestine perils

of water lilies and oleanders

C-MO, 1/13/2015


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