WingSpan Poetry Project


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My Favorite Day is Friday

My favorite color is the one my best friend’s mother
decorates with.
My favorite color is the name of her perfume.

My favorite day is family day,
that was something I was proud of.

From my favorite window I can see the super
moon while my dad is there, tucking me in.
I can feel the breeze through it
and hear the chimes dancing in the storm.

My favorite song is Marco … Polo
Marco … Polo

My favorite dream is the one where we walk
each other home
5 houses down to our own everything.

My favorite room is under the Pollyanna Tree.

My favorite time of day
is between school ending
and family beginning.

My favorite door we walk through
as each other’s shadow.



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My favorite smell is this:

blue gray crystal wash of the streets and the air

and every day in between.

Not sweet

just less bitter.

Until it was gone
I didn’t notice the dim grey
film of sad that settled on this city,

not by sight.

But the sad was there, and I knew
But I couldn’t just sit down and cry about it.

And besides,

if I focused on it too much
the parched emotional maya
I was left with only two choices:
attempt to violently defend myself

or cry

cry till I could wash the dust to much

I really needed help
and the sky fell

just for me.

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My favorite color

is the blue sky
covering the white mountains
or the sun setting at dusk
purple and pink, gee!

My favorite day is Friday
because you have two days for fun.

My favorite window was in my bedroom
where I would sit and dream about being rescued
from all the bad stuff and dream about
all the stuff I wanted to do when I grow up.

My favorite door is the front door because
I like it opening up to let people in.

My favorite song is Desperado by the Eagles.
My other is Amazing Grace.

My favorite dream is being saved from
the monsters and bad guys.

My favorite time is now, the past is then
and tomorrow may  never come.

My favorite time is when I see Lilly
and Bethany and we hang out together.

My favorite flowers are lilacs
and daisies, roses and babies breath
sunflowers and chrysanthemums.

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You are

a reflection of God’s love
You are fearfully & wonderfully made.
You are a chosen vessel to be used by God.
You are one in a million.
There is no one like you.
You have gifts and talents that you have to discover.
There is no one like you.

It’s time for you to shine.
It’s time for you to reach out
and show the world that you are here
and you have a voice.

You are here to show others
that they are unique and gifted.
You are created to love
and be loved.

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I was 4

Just a little girl, long hair
outside playing in the summer,
then clothes caught on fire
was so scared and frightened.
Man jumped the fence and made me
roll on the ground.

Was in a panic.
Mom and Dad were overcome with dread.

My mom held me tight with a blanket
over me.
Must have been in shock
in so much pain.

Was in the hospital for a long time
my legs bandaged up.
Hurt so bad.

The nurses and doctors were so nice.
I still hate fire today.