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The spiders’ web broke across my nose and cheek

The spiders’ web broke across my nose and cheek.
I felt a slight guilt of having harmed this spiders hard work.
I felt a slight gladness at, maybe, saving a fly from it’s trap.
I felt a slight fear that, maybe, the spider is in my hair or-maybe-in my ear.
I sensed my tiredness of thinking too much.
I feel the anger of the spiders world making more sense,
then the man made world I’m forced to conform.


Why do trees conceal
the splendor of their roots?
The roots–as us feeble branches
to the True Vine.
We are unable to survive the harsh world of ourselves.
The roots hold the tree firm-
And seek out the hidden food.
Battard by the storms-
And carved up with false love hopes
of young and old alike.
The root stays pure.

Thank You

Glad Pecos life nymph

your life is so great

the elk love you and

your river I had a new

baby fish here you

are now part of the

circle of life so feed

your belly with my




July 6, 2017
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The Fall Down to New Heights –

A journey starts from the womb
With every year, a chance for gloom
Age 7, life is heaven
Age 13, not so keen
Now at 20, I am with my crew
Working hard, it’s what I do
27, out of the service looking for work
Looking back, I am happy I was not a jerk
3 jobs later, I am sitting with you all
After my life has taken a big fall
I look forward, to better things
As I get a new job and sprout new wings
I never quit from a fight
For I will overcome to reach New Heights